Patented '3G Filter' Filtration Technology

The world's leading air purification technology was jointly created by LIFAair in cooperation with the Finnish National Technology Research Center (VTT) and the Finnish military. Its three levels of protection ensure efficient purification while possessing extremely low wind resistance, large dust holding capacity and self-sterilizing capability.  



Realtime Smart Controller

A key element to the purification system is LIFAair’s Realtime Smart Controller. This is an independent IAQ monitor and controller unit. In addition to being a command center for LIFAair Air Purifiers, it can also be used as an accurate portable air quality measuring station. Its state of the art sensors ensure complete and current information about pollutant levels.  

Extraordinary filtration combined with this smart command unit makes a perfect pair. It's always ready to react when there's a change in indoor air quality or if a window is opened.  

In addition, by installing the LIFAair app available for both iOS and Android on your mobile phones, you can monitor indoor air quality at home at any time. You also have complete control of the Air Purifier via the app to ensure optimum levels of good air for your loved ones.


Control at your Fingertips

You have complete control at the touch of your hands. Wind speed and power are easily adjusted to remove harmful VOCs and particulates from the air with a sweeping motion. This easy to use system is ideal in all indoor environments.