In 2015, LIFAair entered into a joint venture with renowned manufacturer, Edifier Manufacturing Limited, expanding its global footprint into China while continuing to grow core markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Oceania with the release of the company’s latest in smart home technologies, with a focus on home and personal needs.

At IFA 2016, LIFAair brought its patented technology to the home environment with the launch of two new models LA352 and LA502 respectively, for home and personal use.

In 2017, LIFAair was awarded an iF Design award for the LA502 air purifier, firmly establishing the brand at the forefront of air purification systems.

Today, LIFAair manufactures the following products within the healthcare and wellness sector :

  • Air Purifiers
  • Smart Controllers (Realtime AQI Readers)
  • Car Air Purifiers
  • Fresh Air Purifiers
  • Respirators

Founded in 1988 in Helsinki, Finland


Asian headquarters set up in Hong Kong, marking expansion into Asia


Business units established in New York and Dubai with further expansions across the Middle East and North America planned


Operations were set up in Beijing, China


LIFAair supplied air purification systems at the Beijing Olympics


Signs joint-venture with major audio manufacturer in Dongguan, Edifier Manufacturing Limited