Smart Air Purifier + Sterilizer


Smart Air Purifier + Sterilizer

Introducing LIFAair’s first smart air purifier + sterilizer. It is an all-encompassing triple purification system designed for optimum indoor air quality to eliminate pollutants such as PM2.5, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and viruses in enclosed spaces. The three filtration stations ensure only clean sterilised air is circulated upon completion.

Plasma Generator

Understanding Plasma Technology

Plasma is a material form consisting mainly of free electrons and charged ions, often considered to be the fourth state of matter, called the plasma state. Plasma has very high conductivity and strong coupling with electromagnetic fields. Strictly speaking, plasma is a gas mass with high energy and dynamic energy, which contains a large number of reactive oxygen ions. High-energy free radicals and other components can easily react with bacteria, molds, spores, and proteins and nucleic acids in viruses to denature them and cause various microorganisms to die.

  • Technology used: Plasma technology
  • Sterilization strength: Plasma density 3.46x1014 m3
  • Effective against which types of microorganisms: Common bacteria in the air
  • Microbial Sterilization Rate 2 Hours Operation at Full Speed
  • Sterilization rate for staphylococcus albus (strain: 8032): 99.99% tested within a 20m3 area
  • Sterilization rate for bacteria in the air : ≥95% tested within a 10m³ area

LIFAair's Proprietary 3G Filter

Indoor air pollution is caused by different particles and gaseous emissions. Studies show that these numbers are increasing year on year. There are several different types of particles such as: viruses, bacteria, allergens, asbestos, fiberglass and mineral wool. As these contaminates build up, it will eventually cause problems in places of residence and work. Employees might not realize the severity to the problems they have noticed in the filtration systems. As filtration systems start to fail, employees will start to show more symptoms of fatigue, which will hinder their ability to complete their tasks for the day. Operating filtration systems is incredibly important to us at LIFaair. We take pride in the fact that we can find a solution that is customized based on each individual client that we operate with. Designed for superior filtration, our Lifa Air 3G Filter prevents the spread of airborne contaminants by effectively removing harmful particles from the air supply.


Noise Level
Particle CADR
Particulate CCM
P4 level
PM2.5 Purification Efficiency
high efficient level
Bacteria Removal Efficiency
Sterilization rate of staphylococcus albus

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